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Preventative Botox: When Should You Start?

Loretta Harvey

Botox is a popular way to ward off signs of aging. While in the past it has commonly been a treatment for older men and women who have already developed wrinkles and age lines, it can actually be used as a way to prevent them. For that reason, many individuals in their 30's and even 20's are making appointments to get Botox. If you are wondering if you should be one of them, here are a few reasons why you may be more prone to wrinkles than some and should get preventative Botox

Fun In the Sun

Everyone loves spending ample amounts of time outside with their friends and family members, but that fun in the sun comes with a price. If you have failed to plan for sun exposure with sunblock and shade, your skin will take a beating. In addition to freckles, age spots, and dry skin, the sun can actually break down the collagen in your face, causing wrinkles to set in early in life. 


If you are a smoker, you need to take extra precautions to help your skin, in addition to Botox. Smoking uses muscles in the face that non-smokers do not use, causing wrinkles to set in in certain patterns such as in the lips and cheeks. One such pattern of wrinkles is known as the "smoker's pucker," and it can be greatly lessened with Botox injections. Smoking also introduces as many as 4,000 chemicals to your skin which can cause wrinkles to form more easily. 


Studies have shown that heredity is likely a factor in how your skin will age. If your parents have a lot of wrinkles that started to show up early in life, you may soon begin to develop some of your own. However, instead of simply sitting back and waiting for your wrinkles to develop, you can take your skincare into your own hands by scheduling Botox appointments. Yes, you will still age but you may not age as early or as deeply as your parents did. Heredity can be slowed with preventative Botox.  

In conclusion, if you feel like you are showing premature signs of aging, you may want to talk to your dermatologist about starting Botox sooner rather than later. Even just a few injections a year (while you are young) could help your wrinkles to be less noticeable as you age. Get an appointment to start preventative Botox treatments today. 


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